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What it Funds



Habitat Montana Program



State Parks



Trails Grants Program



Non-Game Wildlife

$16 million a year

Roughly one third of taxes from the sale of recreational marijuana  is directed annually to the operating budget for Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks (FWP). 


Within FWP, this revenue is spread across four primary accounts which are used to expand hunting and fishing access, improve state parks and trails, and protect working lands from development:

State Parks

Boosts resources for Montana's critically underfunded State Park System

Helps maintain Montana's 55 state parks

Helps sustain 2.5 million visits per year

Helps address $26 million maintenance backlog

Helps improve facilities and campgrounds 

Habitat Montana

Fuels Montana's premier tool to unlock public access and protect habitat.

Unlocks inaccessible public lands 

Protects small farms and ranches 

Protects critical wildlife habitat

Creates new hunting and fishing opportunities 

Wildlife Management

Funds management of non-game wildlife

Supports a broader and more effective wildlife conservation program

Spreads funding responsibility beyond hunters and anglers license revenue

Supports data collection and monitoring of at-risk species

Trails & Recreation

Supports Montana's Trails Stewardship Grant Program

Helps local groups build new community and public trails

Supports both motorized and non-motorized use

Funds trail grooming for winter recreation and other maintenance needs

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