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Public Trails & Recreation

In 2019, Montanans created the Trails Stewardship Grant Program to build and maintain public trails across the state.   It helps ensure all Montanans have the ability to access and enjoy public lands and open spaces. 

Trails Create Freedom

Trails connect us to public lands and our communities.   They provide public access for all types of uses and outdoor recreation. 

Trails also benefit communities by increasing business, improving public health, and making towns more livable. Trail use and visitation has skyrocketed in Montana with 72% of Montana households using trails each year. 


More Demand than Dollars

But the federal budgets we have historically used to help maintain and build trails have been declining for years.  Right now, there is more demand than dollars by local groups across Montana who must compete for a limited pot of trails resources. 

That means every year, good community projects and efforts to improve our trail systems stay on the shelf. 

Trails Grant Program

That's why Montanans created their own state-managed trail grant program. The Montana Trails Grant Stewardship Program helps Montanans  access new grant funding to improve their communities and create more public access. 

Tax money from the sale of recreational marijuana is an important source of revenue for this program and will dramatically expand its impact across the state. 

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