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How it Works

The Montana Outdoor Fund collects revenue from the sale of recreational marijuana to enhance hunting and fishing, unlock access to public lands, funds state parks and trails, and protects working lands from development. 

Voter Approved

This didn't happen by accident. In 2020, Montana voters overwhelmingly approved ballot Initiative 190, which legalized and taxed the sale of recreational marijuana. 
Specifically, Initiative 190 set aside a portion of this new revenue to address Montana's outdoor funding crisis.  Available state funding simply wasn't keeping pace with growing demands for public access, to protect working farms and ranches, and manage our fish and wildlife resources.

Legislatively Authorized

In 2021, the Montana legislature and Governor Greg Gianforte authorized Initiative 190, after Montanans reinforced the need to adequately fund our outdoor lifestyle.

House Bill 701, provided a formal stamp of approval to  direct revenue from the sale of recreational marijuana toward several popular but underfunded conservation programs.

A Promise to the Next Generation

This revenue will dramatically help the state respond to the rising costs of managing and conserving Montana’s land, water, and wildlife as the state continues to grow. 
This is an investment in our state's long-term prosperity and the legacy we leave our kids.  

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